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Safe and reliable forklift technology from Powerlift Nissan

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From pallet stackers to container handlers, Powerlift Nissan has the right materials handling solution for you every time. Powerlift Nissan has consistently delivered innovative, safe and reliable forklift technology to the Australian market since 1987.

Powerlift Nissan’s commitment to creating and maintaining strong partnerships with its customers has kept the company at the forefront of the materials handling industry. Powerlift Nissan provides a vast range of products from two of the world’s major brands namely Nissan and SMV.

The collective strength of Powerlift Nissan’s national network, linked with computer technology and close ties with overseas manufacturers, enable it to maintain optimum stock levels of all materials handling equipment.

Nissan has a reputation as a rugged and reliable machine. Powerlift Nissan supplies and supports a range of Nissan engine and electronic powered forklift trucks such as petrol, gas and diesel trucks with lifting capacities of 1,000 kgs to 7,000 kgs through to a battery electric range with lifting capacities of 1,000 kgs to 3,000 kgs.

Customers can now benefit from the new technology with the recent release of the new model Nissans. With more features and functions, including easier servicing, wide view mast and cleaner running, Nissan will improve efficiency and safety in your workplace.

Features of the Pneumatic series are:

  • Nissan’s sway control system
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Advanced safety features (mast lock system, seat belt, low noise etc)
  • Nissan’s super wide view mast
  • Optional EFI engine available
  • Three piece overhead guard for reduced running costs
  • Improved ergonomics for operator safety and comfort
  • Reduced emissions and greater fuel economy
  • Motor vehicle like display window
  • New range of Nissan engines to suit all applications

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