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Powerlifter CHD-Series heavy duty legless pedestrian stacker range from Powerlift Nissan

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article image The Powerlifter CHD-Series heavy duty legless pedestrian stacker

Powerlift Nissan  have introduced the Powerlifter CHD-Series heavy duty legless pedestrian stacker range. This compact pedestrian stacker is suitable for Australian conditions and capable of withstanding a wide variety of temperature extremes from the tropics to low temperature cool rooms.

Robust and reliable, the CHD-Series comes in 1300kg, 1500kg and 2000kg lift capacities with lift heights from 2.5 to 6 metres. The CHD-Series offers features including power steering, VTC (Variable Total Control) hydraulics and a tilting mast, which enables infinitely variable control of lift, tilt and reach, making loading and unloading easy.

The CHD Series is environmentally friendly and suitable for a large range of environments like pharmaceutical, food processing and distribution. The new chassis of the CHD Series incorporates the latest ‘Laser Lock’ technology. Cut from Australian made steel by computer controlled precision lasers; the interlock design concept gives high chassis strength.

The CHD Series is safe and easy to handle, with all function controls integrated into either the dash mounted joysticks or the new style DURA control handle. Mounted on a short tiller arm directly over the transmission, the operator is positioned as close as possible to all the controls. Power steering allows accurate and precise control of the truck with minimum effort. Deadman braking and a Belly Button safety reversing switch are incorporated into the control handle for maximum safety.

The CHD-Series is quiet with a drive train having the latest ZF transmission, combined with the new ADVANCED SepEx motor and SepEx control system providing smooth acceleration and energy saving dynamic braking. Travel speeds are virtually constant, even driving up or down an incline regardless of the load. The 24V system is powered by a 290AH or 511AH Traction Battery. The ignition system features key locking and both the Electronics and Hydraulics on the CHD-Series are overload protected. Benefits include smooth speed response, increased useable battery energy per charge, extended motor life and regenerative braking.

The Powerlifter’s design enables easy access to the machine for efficient servicing and repairs. Quick change tyres are easily replaced thereby reducing the service costs. Powerlift Nissan’s factory trained technicians provide efficient, reliable and affordable servicing. The advanced SepEx control system of the Powerlifter provides wide vision for safety. All Powerlifters provide user-friendly operations and available at cost effective rates.

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