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Nissan Warehouse Reach Trucks Stack Up

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Powerlift Nissan  provides the full range of Nissan forklift trucks in addition to sales, finance, rentals, operator training, service and 24/7 on-site support.

As the world becomes more crowded and demanding, companies have to do more with less. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of logistics where soaring real estate prices are putting the squeeze on warehouse sizes and necessitating more efficient storage solutions for a given floor space.

Material handling companies such as Powerlift Nissan, Australia’s long-established Nissan forklift distributor have seen a steady change in customer requirements. For Powerlift Nissan, this translates into an increasing demand for Nissan’s range of battery electric warehouse reach trucks.

According to David Miller, Powerlift Nissan’s National Sales Manager, narrow-aisle reach trucks or warehouse reach trucks have always been popular as customers continue to look for greater lift heights to reduce their floor space requirements and aisle count.

He says, “The trade-off is the need for more specialised equipment and more highly trained operators. When you’re storing products 11 metres off the ground, you need an operator with a high degree of skill and specialised forklifts.

“These trucks are battery-powered and we’re seeing significant development focused on increased battery life, reduced charging times and reduced maintenance. As such it is important to keep equipment up-to-date, ensuring you’re getting the most productivity and lowest running costs from the latest technology. It’s all about up-time.

“Change in our industry is primarily customer-driven. Faster, easier and safer are the key words in today’s warehousing with the main driver being the need for just-in-time stock control.

“Another driver of change in our industry is the way the world does business. For example, goods from a myriad number of countries now routinely cross a warehouse floor and often arrive on pallets of differing sizes. This has led to the need for operators to have access to a range of forklift attachments that reduce the chance of injury whilst maintaining productivity,” David concluded.

Not only are companies making better use of existing and planned warehousing space, but reduced stock levels means reduced storage times with a resultant increase in forklift utilisation.

The good news is Nissan’s warehouse reach trucks are well up to the task.  

Long-life batteries, advanced ergonomics, precision controls and a high level of standard safety equipment all combine to offer businesses and operators alike the best warehouse reach trucks at very competitive prices.

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