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Nissan LX series forklift available

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The Nissan LX series forklift includes electronic speed limiting which enables the operator to limit the forklift speed to suit site conditions without affecting lift or lower speeds.

The Nissan LX series forklift also includes a 3 way catalytic converter to reduce harmful emissions by up to a staggering 99% and fuel injected engine technology to reduce fuel consumption and emission levels even further.

The LX series features a sway control system manufactured from compressed torsion rubber which responds to horizontal G forces experienced when turning by locking the rear axle ensuring all 4 wheels maintain firm contact with the road surface enhancing stability.

The mast and tilt lock system in the LX series detect when the operator leaves the seat with the engine running and reacts by locking the lift and tilt mechanisms preventing accidents from accidentally knocking the control lever.

The park brake warning buzzer detects when the operator leaves the seat without applying the park brake and sounds a loud warning buzzer. This prevents the forklift from running away and causing damage to stock or injuring work mates.

Low operating noise levels of 61.5dB-a reduces fatigue and makes for a safer work environment. The LX series also features a tilt levering system- a simple press of a button brings the forks automatically to a horizontal, a great aid for the unskilled operator.

An LPG bottle swing down or out bracket is also included to reduce the strain in lifting the full gas bottle on and off the forklift.

Another benefit featured on the LX series is the Small Tilting Steering Wheel which reduces shoulder strain through having less turns lock to lock.

The Powerful floating system reduces vibrations which in turn reduce fatigue and the potential for accidents and the ORS seat offers full suspension and hip-supports provide a secure, comfortable control centre for the operator.

Add ons such as the Bodyguard Bar, Zone Speed Control, Proximity and Pedestrian Sensors and the Transmission Interlock are all extra safety options designed to increase productivity and reduce potential accidents.

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