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Nissan 1F-Series forklifts available from Powerlift Nissan

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The latest Nissan 1F-Series (1.5-3.5 tonne) forklifts, available from Powerlift Nissan , comes with a range of standard safety features to ensure the operator is safe and comfortable at all times. The safety features include an exclusive swaying control system which helps provide greater control and stability when turning the forklift, a mast lock system which automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat, a parking brake warner buzzer which sounds when the operator leaves the seat without setting the parking brake, an automatic transmission power cut-off system which cuts off power to the engine if the operator leaves their seat or is not seated properly and the shift lever is not in the neutral position.

Several other features of the latest Nissan 1F-Series forklifts include a low-noise and low-vibration design with an automobile-style floating powerstrain and rigid frame and chassis to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the operator. All these features allow reducing the operator fatigue. There is also an optional speed selector, which enables the operator to select the maximum speed settings based on operation skill or truck operation characteristics.

Powerlift Nissan’s forklifts also incorporate various other features that include the new multifunctional LCD meter, spacious operator compartment, standard full suspension seat and smart control layout.

Comfort and safety is also manifested in the latest 1F4-Series (3.5-5tonne) forklifts. The Nissan 1F4-Series forklifts also include easy access, a wide non-skid steel step and ample legroom for easy step in/step out access and maximum seating comfort, superior visibility and an adjustable sliding seat providing easy adjustment for every operator’s height.

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