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New range of warehousing equipment

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article image A complete truck programme for indoor handling.

POWERLIFT Australia has launched a new range of warehousing equipment - the Nissan Euro. During a two day introduction and training seminar, the Nissan Euro range was launched to Powerlift staff and the Australia-wide dealer network.

The official launch will take place during Matex 2006, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, May 30 to June 2.

According to Steve Stewart, general manager-wholesale at Powerlift, the launch concludes an extensive search of the global forklift market and provides a warehousing equipment range that compliments the existing Nissan LX Series of counter-balanced forklifts.

"Nissan Motor Corporation has, for several years, had in place a manufacturing alliance with a major Swedish manufacturer. This relationship enables the NISSAN Europe network to supply its customers with an extensive range of electric warehousing equipment," said Stewart.

"The manufacturer has been in the industry for almost 50 years, employs over 1000 people, has extensive market share in many of the developed economies and currently exports to 30 countries," he said.

Nissan Euro provides Powerlift, an Australian-owned company, with a complete range of warehousing equipment that includes walkie stackers and powered pallet trucks through to High Rise VNA man up order pickers.

The range is the end result of a complete truck programme for indoor handling which includes as few chassis variations as possible and common components providing the highest standards of reliability and quality.

The entire range features the latest ac technology which results in lower running costs, better performance, and longer battery life.

The Nissan Euro Reach Truck is designed for high performance environments with a robust design incorporating ergonomic solutions that deliver speed, power and optimal performance at all times.

The powerful ac lift and traction motors provide high lift and lowering speeds, along with class leading acceleration which result in huge increases in performance over traditional dc-powered reach trucks. The ergonomic design reduces driver fatigue and delivers top operator performance in all conditions.

Studies show that a forklift driver operating a steering wheel moves his arm up to 2000 times per hour, making repetitive strain injuries a real issue.

The mini steering wheel and free-floating armrest reduce the risk of strain injury, and by simply adjusting his bodyweight the driver can tilt the seat 15° to ensure the best possible view when placing or retrieving pallets at high lift heights. The controls are fully adjustable and can be operated with the fingertips of the right hand, making the truck simple to manoeuvre.

A powerful computer controls the reach truck functionality. The drivers' parameters can be set and adjusted on the computer so an experienced driver will be able to take full advantage of the truck's potential. Up to 350 individual driver profiles can be stored.

The on-board computer also has a diagnostic system that checks truck status with an error message displayed if something is wrong. This gives an indication of a fault before it goes too far and enables quick and efficient servicing. The service engineer simply plugs into the computer for quick information on the status of the truck.

The truck computer also provides information on how the Reach Truck is being used, how long it spends travelling or stacking, information that can be invaluable when choosing trucks or planning changes to warehouse layout.

The Nissan Euro Reach Truck also features a Stability Support System (S3) which helps the driver to avoid hazardous situations by reducing speed on tight turns.

The system monitors steering input, lift height, travel speed, and load conditions constantly, and will vary the trucks speed according to these inputs, ensuring the unit is always operating in a safe condition. This dramatically reduces the risk of a unit tipping over when driven in an unsafe manner or by an inexperienced operator.

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