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Mainfreight uses Powerlift Nissan’s forklifts

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article image Powerlift Nissan’s forklifts for Mainfreight

Mainfreight recently opened a distribution centre, which is designed to cope with the anticipated growth from the Sydney and NSW market.

Officially opened in early June 2008, the distribution centre’s total area measures 48000m2 and it has a dock space of 15000m2, compared to the previous distribution centre which was 9000m2 in total area and had a 3500m2 dock space.

Mainfreight has a national preferred supplier agreement with Powerlift Nissan and runs a fleet totalling 150 forklifts on a fully maintained rental agreement.

The fleet features various types of forklifts and includes UNS Reach trucks and OPS order pickers, mainly operating in the Mainfreight Logistics business and 1F and LX series LPG trucks and a quantity of FO4 LPG trucks in the Mainfreight Distribution business.

The new distribution centre is more than twice the size of the previous distribution centre and is designed to cope with the expected growth over the next 10 years. It has to capacity to operate 3 shifts over a 24 hour period and handle operations ranging from full pallets loads, to aluminium extrusions.

15 Nissan LX series LPG forklifts are run at this distribution centre. Powerlift Nissan’s LX series forklifts have been specifically designed to increase, operator efficiency, comfort and safety and to improve the work environment. Exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, noise and vibration have been reduced to meet new industry standards.

The LX series also provides a line of forklifts with speed, lifting power and reliability. The LX series features Powerlift Nissan’s ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Engine Controlled System) and both petrol and LPG models satisfy the United States EPA regulations (applicable from January 2004). They reduce the emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides.

Powerlift Nissan’s application of advanced automotive technologies is apparent in its Vehicle Control Module (VCM), which manages a variety of engine and transmission controls, safety and information functions to assist in increased safety and reduced downtime.

With operator safety in mind, a number of devices are fitted as standard on the LX series.

An anti-sway Roll Control System incorporates rubber dampers, between the rear axles and body to provide lateral stability and help reduce the possibility of the truck tipping over.

A Mast Lock System automatically locks lifting and tilting operations when the operator leaves the seat, helping to prevent operators being caught in the mast and forks.

Other safety features include a convenient automobile-style parking brake, with a warning buzzer sounding when the operator leaves the seat without engaging the brake.

Operator comfort is another key design element of the new LX series. The forks are fitted with automatic tyne adjustors to enable drivers to adjust the forks from the cab and pick it up.

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