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GPS Technology from Powerlift Nissan enhances safety at Loscam

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article image GPS Zone Switch safely manages forklift speeds

Loscam has been working with Powerlift Nissan to introduce cutting-edge GPS technology in their ongoing commitment to improve safety.

GPS Zone Switch has been developed to safely manage forklift speeds throughout various working areas of Loscam's facilities.

Each forklift truck has been fitted with a GPS module that signals its location. This then activates Nissan's factory developed speed control system to automatically change between the truck's high and low speed settings, which are fully adjustable.

A 'Geofence' or zone boundaries are set up via a web interface and allow areas within Loscam's various sites to be plotted with the simple click of a mouse.

A server stores the settings and communicates wirelessly with a forklift once the vehicle is in motion. When a truck enters or leaves a zoned area, a switch in speed is automatically initiated.

Areas inside the zone switch - such as areas around pedestrian traffic - see the forklift default to the low speed setting. Once a fork truck leaves a zoned area it automatically reverts to the higher speed to help maintain productivity.

Peter Burgess, Loscam's National Operations Manager explained, "There was complexity in our objective. We wanted to slow fork trucks in areas close to pedestrian traffic and speed up in areas where it was safer to do so to maintain operational efficiencies."

The increasing importance of Occupational Health & Safety at the company's sites was the main reason that Loscom initiated discussions with Powerlift Nissan. Powerlift Nissan then worked in conjunction with its Fleet Management Technology provider to create the cost-effective and user- friendly GPS solution.

Martin Morales, Loscom’s Operations Manager explained, "As with anything new, the drivers were a little apprehensive when the Nissan's first arrived, but now we can't get them off them."
"A further safety feature is that whenever the module cannot obtain a GPS location, the switch is defaulted to low speed."

"The GPS zone switch is a fantastic feature," Martin said. "It's reassuring to know that once inside the designated zone the drivers aren't able to exceed the speed limit preset for us by Powerlift Nissan."

"This is also beneficial for the drivers as they can concentrate solely on what they're doing and not have to constantly monitor their speed."

All the Nissan forklifts feature the Nissan seatbelt interlock system as a further safety measure, preventing the forklift from starting if the seatbelt is not engaged.

Also, it is not possible to go from forward to reverse without first coming to a complete stop, preserving the engine and gearbox components. This feature translates to significant savings on parts and service maintenance over the life - cycle of the forklift.

Running three shifts a day, Loscam is the warehouse that never sleeps. "We're a very busy depot and the forklifts are put through a heavy workload so they need to be robust as it's a hard environment. Although we've only had the Nissan's since the start of the year, they have already proved themselves as excellent machines," said Martin.

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