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First Creek Wines at Hunter Valley use Powerlift Nissan’s forklifts

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article image First Creek Wines use Powerlift Nissan forklifts

The Hunter Valley is the oldest wine producing region in the country and one of the most awarded for producing premium wines.

For many years, Powerlift Nissan have been supplying forklifts to the wineries with customers such as Drayton Family Wines, Lakes Folly Wines, McGuiggan Wines, Glandore Estate Wines, Tower Estate, Scarborough Wine Company, Meerea Park Wines, Tempus Two and now, First Creek Wines.

First Creek Wines have taken delivery of a fleet of forklifts such as the 7 x TX Series 1.8 tonne capacity 3 wheel counterbalanced electric forklifts. Each forklift is fitted with 4300mm 3 stage wide view masts, side shifts and heavy duty traction batteries with single point watering systems.

According to Greg Silkman, General Manager at First Creek Wines, the new Nissan forklifts play a critical role in the efficiency of operations, as First Creek Wines is a busy winery.

First Creek Wines process about 3,500 tonnes of grapes per season, making approximately 175,000 cases of wine. The electric forklifts contribute to a cleaner environment, unlike diesel and LPG forklifts that release emissions.

The new Nissan forklifts from Powerlift Nissan are used in a number of applications around the winery, from loading and unloading large bins of grapes to moving palletised loads of wine cases from the storage areas to the delivery trucks.

Silkman adds that the forklifts are working throughout the day and thus, have to be reliable and perform well. Also, forklift operators must be happy with them.

The Nissan TX series is designed with the operator in mind. Ergonomically designed controls in a user friendly cab, provides operator comfort for increased productivity and extended working hours.

The TX series is powered by AC technology, which enhances longer battery operating hours and reduces the frequency of services. In normal applications, the TX series is designed to operate for up to 1200 hours before servicing is required.

The TX series also includes LCD monitors with self diagnostic functions and PIN access. These can be programmed to the requirements of each operator. Travel speeds and heights can be limited to ensure a safe work environment.

The Nissan TX series features a compact design and a small turning circle for operating in tight spaces. An anti roll back system is also included for operator safety. The units require charging every three or four days.

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