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Budget Walkie Pedestrian Stackers from Powerlift Material Handling

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Powerlift Material Handling Pty Ltd  introduces the new Walkie range of pedestrian stackers designed for budget-conscious businesses with lower-use requirements for moving bulky goods.  

Walkie pedestrian stackers are available in two new product ranges to offer businesses more affordable options in their materials handling operations.  

Counterbalance stackers and straddle stackers have been thoroughly tested and are suitable for businesses such as bottle shops and printers.  

The Walkie range of pedestrian stackers comes in a full range of mast heights with lifting heights from 3m to 5m.  

The budget Walkie pedestrian stackers feature a full 12-month warranty.  

Key features of the counterbalance pedestrian stackers: 

  • Can handle a 1000kg load
  • Full AC drive system with long battery life
  • Excellent performance, quick response and accurate control
  • AC drive motor is specially designed to provide stronger power and maintain high speed with a full load
  • Power steering models available

Key features of straddle pedestrian stackers: 

  • Available in two models to move loads from 1200kg to 1600kg
  • Similar AC drive system, features and functions as the counterbalance model
  • One model features adjustable straddles while the other comes with standard straddles
  • Adjustable straddle model provides the flexibility to use multi-purpose pallets allowing Australian pallets or Euro skids
  • Standard straddle model is for Australian pallets only

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