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EFOY Pro 2400 from Powerbox Power Meteorologic Research Equipment

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EFOY Pro 2400 Fuel Cells have been successful in providing continuous power to remotely located research equipment. Utilising the EFOY Pro 2400 Fuel Cells as battery back-up has ensured valuable readings are recorded in the University of Canterbury 'Stable Boundary Layer Experiment'

The Project

The STABX or ‘Stable Boundary Layer Experiment’ is currently being conducted by the University of Canterbury Geography Department. STABX aims to understand the phenomenon behind the conditions yielding to, maintaining, and eventually breaking the stable layer boundary. The stable boundary layer (SBL) is a natural meteorologic occurrence, and is formed over a cold surface of earth.

Remote Location

The Cass Basin forms part of the Mid-Waimakariri Intermontane River Basin in central South Island, NZ. The location provides a wide scope of atmospheric environments that reflect a range of complex topography and diverse surface types, critical to undertake research into the SBL.


The STABX field observational network is comprised of many intricate monitoring and measuring devices, across multiple locations. Paramount to the project is the installation of three automatic weather stations and SODAR (sound detection and ranging) and RASS (radio acoustic sounding system) equipment. The SODAR-RASS equipment uses both sound and radio waves emitted vertically to measure atmospheric turbulence.

Power Requirements

One of the major issues with undertaking research in remote sites such as the Cass Basin is how to power vital equipment. Solar panels, along with a battery back-up were the most obvious choice for the site; however in times of poor weather there can be limited, or no sunlight for weeks. Battery banks were left uncharged and once flattened, research equipment was non-operational and therefore not recording valuable readings. As a result a technician would have to drive out to the site and re-charge or swap out the battery bank.

The Solution

The solution to this problem was the implementation of EFOY Pro Fuel Cell. Using direct methanol fuel conversion, the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell converts methanol into 12V or 24V DC. This recharges the battery bank when the output from the solar panels is too low, or not working due to poor weather.

Fuel Cell Generator Technology

The EFOY Fuel Cell generators are based on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology. They use an eco-friendly catalytic process to convert methanol (methyl alchohol) into electricity without intermediate steps. This makes this technology one of the cleanest ways of generating electricity.

Connect – Switch On – Forget

EFOY Fuel Cell generators are smart energy producers that can be used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries. To do this, the fuel cell generator is connected directly to the battery that supplies equipment and monitors its charge level. Depending on the demand, the fuel cell generator turns on completely automatically, recharges the battery and then switches to stand-by ­without the need for maintenance or user intervention

More Power Than Solar

The EFOY Pro Fuel Cell generator supplies electricity at any time of the year or day, making it completely independent of the weather. The EFOY Pro supplies 3 to 10 times as much energy as a solar power system with the same output throughout the year. This is because to produce as much energy as an EFOY Pro 800, you would need a solar power system with an output of up to 1600 Wp, depending on the country and time of year.

Longer Autonomy Than Batteries

Batteries have a very limited autonomy. Whether it be in vehicles, on building sites or in a switching cabinet, when an application is only powered by batteries, frequent battery changes, and therefore costs required to keep the application running are extremely high. With an EFOY Pro fuel cell generator, downtimes and maintenance intervals are reduced, deep-discharging of batteries is avoided and the battery’s autonomy is increased many times over.

More Eco-Friendly Than Conventional Generators

Regular generators are noisy, dirty and frequently need to be filled with fuel and have regular oil changes. EFOY Pro Fuel Cell generators are quiet, producing only small quantities of pur CO2 and guarantee a long autonomy – without the need for maintenance. EFOY Pro Fuel Cell generators can be operated without hesitation in vehicles, in nature conservation areas and generally in closed spaces.

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