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New range of networked audio systems

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BARIX AG of Switzerland has released their new range of network audio distribution systems.

Whether customers wish to capture an audio stream to MP3 or to broadcast CD quality music and promotional messages to a thousand stores, Barix has the family of products to meet the requirements.

With intelligent audio streaming components from Barix, rooms and buildings can be set up for distributed audio and to deliver music and announcements from room to room, house to house, over international borders and oceans to the intended destination.

In residential applications, Barix IP audio distribution technology can provide a different musical mood in every room or synchronise all rooms.

The range of uses of these networked audio devices is astounding. Remote site monitoring is greatly aided by the ability to converse directly with someone requiring assistance or to warn off an intruder. The ability to distribute music and messaging to a chain of stores over the Internet offers powerful marketing capabilities.

Applications include audio distribution, audio monitoring, audio bridging, paging, public address, intercom, music on hold and audio recording.

The Barix family of audio products include:


With Barix customers can bring their audio into the network. The Barix Instreamer is an intelligent streaming component that converts analogue and digital audio into MP3, which it then transmits into the network. This is a great way to bring analogue audio into a network audio distribution setup.

The system has inputs for all sound sources for IP audio encoding, from tuners to record, tape, MD and CD players.

The Instreamer monitors and controls the directly attached equipment and is easily controlled using a standard web browser (PC, palm, etc) or IR remote control (Barix accessory).


This product communicates over a standard network connection with PCs, digital audio servers, Internet radio stations and analogue audio sources (via Barix Instreamer).

The Exstreamer is an intelligent MP3 player that can pull a customer’s digital audio from the network while converting it into music or voice.

In the Exstreamer Digital, Barix has incorporated a digital SPDIF output for digital audio streaming for all the professionals who want to keep the audio source digital.

The Exstreamer Gold features dual channel integrated amplifiers.

The Exstreamer is easily controlled using a standard web browser (PC, palm, etc) or IR remote control (Barix accessory) and is easily configured thanks to IPzator and SonicIP technology.


The Annuncicom combines all the audio capabilities with intercom and door control functionality.

IP Audio Module

OEMs can now easily integrate audio into their products with the IP AUDIO module. This is a highly flexible audio core that can be incorporated into any of the various models or as a custom product.

Barix audio products are available from PowerCorp Pty Ltd .

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