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High-capacity outdoor wireless bridge

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PROXIM Corporation, represented by PowerCorp , has announced the Tsunami QuickBridge outdoor wireless bridge, providing an easy-to-install, high-capacity alternative to leased lines, T1/E1 connections or 802.11b bridges.

Tsunami QuickBridge offers enterprises a cost-effective, quickly deployable solution for connecting two buildings up to six kilometres apart.

Tsunami QuickBridge includes all the components needed to connect two buildings quickly and easily, including two outdoor bridge units with built-in antennas and all necessary connecting hardware to quickly enable the link.

Using the quick start guide, Tsunami QuickBridge can be up and running in less than an hour. An audible antenna alignment tool helps ensure foolproof installation.

Tsunami QuickBridge is designed to be mounted and used outdoors and operates in the un-crowded 5.8 GHz band, making it suitable for customers who need a reliable outdoor solution at an affordable price.

Tsunami QuickBridge comes in three varieties - QuickBridge 60, QuickBridge 20, and QuickBridge 20 with T1/E1 connection.

QuickBridge 60 provides data connectivity up to 60Mbps between buildings up to 3 miles apart. QuickBridge 20 offers up to 20Mbps connectivity at a range of up to 6 miles.

Tsunami QuickBridge 20 with the optional T1 or E1 connection, which enables businesses to establish both voice and data connectivity, offers up to 12Mbps connectivity for up to 6km.

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