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Genforce diesel generators from Power Systems Australia

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Power Systems Australia presents their range of Genforce diesel generators that are specifically built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions.

Many overseas generators struggle against the Australian heat because they were originally manufactured for the cooler condition of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Genforce diesel generators are designed to achieve a 50ºC ambient rating in soundproof acoustic enclosures, which makes it easily suitable for Australia’s hot weather temperatures.

Features of the Genforce diesel generators:

  • 90 KVA to 700 KVA standby power
  • 12 hour bunded fuel tank
  • 7db lower noise level than current industry standard
  • Exhaust emissions meet EU stage 2
  • DSE 5220 standard controller automatic mains failure
  • Dual fuel for natural, LP and coal seam gasses
The Genforce diesel generators, from Power Systems Australia, are custom-built with powder coat and various colour options available.

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