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BMG200 Gasification units from Power Systems Australia

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The newly designed 200 kW Gasification units from Power Systems Australia are designed to preheat gasification air while using a vortex entrained mass flow device within the circuit to achieve efficient separation of gas contaminants, like tar and particulate contaminants, from the mass flow.

The BMG200 Gasification units are fully automated and driven by a state-of-art PLC therefore requiring very little labour for operation.

Gasification is an energy process producing a gas that can substitute for fossil fuels in high efficiency power generation, heat and/or CHP applications. Gasification technology consists of several unit operations, the most critical of which is gas cleaning and conditioning for use in reciprocal engines.

Biomass is considered the renewable energy source with potential to contribute to the energy needs of modern society world-wide. Energy from biomass is based on waste by-products like wood chips, saw dust and rubbish which is usually sent to landfill.

Gasification units could be one of the quickest ways to help many countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce climate change.

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