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Single phase power quality monitor

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article image The PQ1 power quality relay.

AVAILABLE through Power Quality Solutions , the PQ1 power quality relay from Power Standards Laboratory can monitor voltage swells, sags, interruptions and impulses as short as 500 nanoseconds.

The PQ1 power quality relay's normally-closed contacts open for a minimum of 3 seconds each time a disturbance is detected. This provides an ideal interface for counters, error logs, SCADA systems, PLCs and building management systems, creating a history of voltage disturbance events to which plant and equipment have been subjected.

The contacts can also be used to activate process related alarms and interlocks to minimise product wastage. Latched LEDs give a visual indication and maintain their state during power failures.

The PQ1 is a single phase monitor that connects directly to 100V rms to 240V rms nominal supplies, or higher voltages using a step-down transformer. Use three PQ1 units to monitor a three phase power system.

Select a set of threshold levels from one of the 16 built-in industry standard depth/duration response curves to IEC, EN, CBEMA, ITIC, SEMI, MIL-SPEC and other international standards, or simply select 'Standard'.

Applications include low cost incoming utility monitoring; sensitive/critical machining centres, production lines, IT installations; unmanned automated facilities; lifts; HVAC controls; medical facilities, etc. In fact, anywhere continuity of power supply is important.

A range of power quality consulting services is available from Power Quality Solutions including assistance with the interpretation of data collected by the PQ1 power quality relay.

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