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Power analysis and testing by Power Quality Solutions

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Power Quality Solutions  specialises in testing equipment and analysis software on power quality and other power quality services. Power Quality Solutions is represented by Dranetz BMI, Electrotek Concepts and Power Standards Laboratory.

Dranetz BMI, a unit of Power Quality Solutions, provides power monitoring equipment and services. The products offered include encore series of modular and configurable instruments, powerXplorer PX5, powerguide 4400 with colour screens for power quality surveys, measuring pad, power visa, power platform PP1, disturbance analyzer, power logger,signature system, PQPager and Dran tech Xtra, Dran Iso 5000.

Electrotek, another unit of Power Quality Solutions, offers power monitoring tools such as, PQview for database management, statistical analysis for analyzing power quality data. PQweb, another product enables collection and characterization of data in the web. Power monitoring services for starting and running a power quality program is also offered by Electrotek. Power system analysis and research is also done by Electrotek.

Power Standards Laboratory, a third unit of Power Quality Solutions, carries out tests on power quality online, and in laboratories. Testing partner programs are also offered. For larger equipment on line testing is preferred while smaller projects are carried out in the lab.

In addition two products are also offered by Power Standards Lab. The sag/swell generators test industrial power corruptors for power quality while power quality relays are sensors for testing voltage sags, swells and high frequency interruptions.

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