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article image The PowerGuide 4400 analysers.

DRANETZ-BMI has released a range of handheld power quality analysers, available from Power Quality Solutions , for use on single-phase and three-phase circuits.

The unique measurement capabilities, with an easy-to-navigate colour user interface, make these instruments suitable for all power quality surveys, diagnosing problems, energy surveys, equipment performance testing, motor starting inrush tests, circuit breaker trips and transfers and load balancing investigations.

The PowerGuide 4400, PowerXplorer 5 and PowerXplorer 5-400 all have a colour LCD touch screen user interface. Combined with the in-built auto-configuration features, set-up is very intuitive and quick.

All measured data can be viewed and graphed on the colour LCD screen while the instrument is logging. Data can be transferred from the compact flash card for post measurement analysis and reporting using the industry leading Dranetz-BMI DranView software. Remote communication options include RS232, Ethernet and USB.

All analysers can be used for power quality measurements, current inrush (cycle-by-cycle current logging), fault recording (cycle-by-cycle voltage logging), long term monitoring and continuous logging at one second intervals. The four differential voltage and current channels can also be used independently.

Measurement capabilities of the PowerGuide 4400 include V, I, W, VA, VAR, TPF, DPF, demand, energy, harmonics and interharmonics, THD, harmonics spectrum (V, I, W) to the 63rd, flicker (Pst, Plt), crest factor, K factor, transformer derating etc. Min/max/avg values are determined in 1/2 cycle rms steps.

Logging can be triggered by exceeding high/low limits of any active parameter. Voltage and current disturbances can be triggered by peak value, waveshape change and cycle-by-cycle rms value change. Pre-event and post-event waveform capture cycles are user adjustable. Voltage and current channels can be cross triggered.

The PowerXplorer 5 model includes all of the above PowerGuide 4400 features and also has high speed transient capture (1MHz sampling rate) and the full range of arithmetic, vector and sequence parameters to evaluate distorted and un-balanced loads as defined in IEEE 1459.

The PowerXplorer 5-400 provides the full range of PowerXplorer 5 features at 400Hz (as well as 50/60Hz) for military, ship and aviation applications.

A range of power quality consulting services is available from Power Quality Solutions including assistance with the interpretation of data collected by Dranetz-BMI power quality analysers.

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