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Waveform comparator for production testing

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article image Hioki 8730 waveform comparator.

POWER Parameters has released the new Hioki 8730 one-and two-analogue channel waveform comparators are designed to adapt to Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) setups.

The rapid sampling (1M Samples/s) comparators can acquire signals from motors, transformers, transducers and other electrical/electronic as well as electro-mechanical products, and compare these against stored standards thus providing pass/fail information on-screen readouts and externally used signals for failed product diversion.

The Hioki 8730 Comparators are suitable for functional tests of whitegood, domestic appliance and electrical handtool manufacture.

The Hioki 8730 Comparators apply pass/fail criteria on the basis of “area” or numerical evaluation. Area evaluation entails pass bands straddling waveforms established as standard.

Donut-shaped pass bands permit, for example to apply pass/fail criteria to timing pulses or to lissajous-style signals including phase/amplitude difference tests, magnetisation hysteresis curves, etc.

Numeric processing includes average value, peak value, time-to-maximum value, minimum value, time-to-minimum value, rms value, cycle, frequency, rise time, fall time, area value, integer value, pulse width, duty cycle, specified level time, differential, pulse count, and X-Y area value.

Versatile external control is provided through isolated connectors, permitting connection of sequencers and other ATE equipment with separate ground potential. Options include a LAN Communicator and plug-in memory extension cards.

Operation of the Hioki 8730 Comparators is simple, being achieved via Windows-like pull-down menus. Construction of the comparators is rugged. For example, sheet-key switches with flat surfaces are employed and the comparators can therefore be used in dirty environments.

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