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Ultra-low harmonics UPS systems

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article image Available in 60 - 500kVA units.

SOCOMEC’S new Delphys Elite UPS systems are field-expandable, modular, online, voltage and frequency independent power sources for commercial and industrial mission-critical applications.

Available from Power Parameters Pty Ltd , the UPS systems have an IGBT input conversion stage providing ultra-low harmonic distortion of input current and a power factor of better than 0.99.

The Delphys Elite is suitable for applications where existing wiring is close to the power carrying capacity limit and for operation from stand-by generators without requiring de-rating.

The harmonic suppression performance of the Delphys systems is better than 12-pulse systems preceded by harmonic filters and the high power factor provides a stable operating environment for stand-by generators.

The very high distortion tolerance permitted in connected loads with crest factors as high as 3, ensures that very low distortion sine wave voltage is supplied.

The SOCOMEC Delphys Elite UPS systems are available in 60 - 500kVA units with maximum paralleled capacity to 1200kVA and with redundancy architectures to suit a large range of applications, including central by-pass, redundant by-pass, double by-pass and multi by-pass for independent loads.

The UPS systems can be remote-monitored and controlled via the intranet and web browser.

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