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UNI-T 528 appliance testers from Power Parameters

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The UNI-T 528 appliance testers available from Power Parameters provide insulation, earth continuity and resistance, and appliance cord tests in addition to comprehensive line voltage testing (line to earth, neutral to earth and line to neutral).
Featuring a large LCD readout measuring 47mm H x 136mm W, the UNI-T 528 appliance testers offer a 500 V DC insulation testing voltage while insulation resistance is measured to 19.99 megohm.
Earth resistance is tested at 200 milli-amp, and cord testing includes open circuit, short circuit and reversed polarity. Earth leakage testing is carried out at a low voltage of 50 V to a maximum value of 10.5 milli-amp.
The battery-operated UNI-T 528 appliance testers are supplied with test leads and a sturdy instrument case.

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