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True rms clamp-on tester

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article image Hioki 3280-20 clamp-on HiTester.

HIOKI, represented by Power Parameters , has introduced the 3280-20 clamp-on HiTester, a true rms value clamp-on meter that can accurately measure distorted currents existing in equipment such as home electronics and appliances.

Its compact design makes it possible to securely clamp in even complicated circuitry due to its small core thickness of only 9.5mm.

The use of electrical devices containing inverters and switching power sources is increasing.

In the field of current measurement for indoor circuits there is a need for accurate yet simple measurement of distorted currents, including harmonic components, as well as a need to measure the unbalanced currents that flow through neutral wires in single-phase three-line circuits.

The thin, 9.5mm core of the 3280-20 allows the technician to easily clamp complicated circuitry, which other instruments cannot do, and it can accurately measure true rms for even distorted currents.

The 3280-20 also provides portability, safety, and ease of use, including a drop-proof construction that prevents it from being damaged even if it is carelessly dropped.

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