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article image Sineax meter -- DIN-rail mounted.

CAMILLE Bauer has released the Sineax range of power system transducer/energy metering instrumentation, available from Power Parameters .

The range measures complete suites of electrical power parameters in single-phase and three-phase, four and three wire networks for distribution, sub-distribution, and 415 volt reticulation networks.

The Sineax transducers are suitable for balanced as well as unbalanced systems and are connected to the network of interest by CTs and PTs. The transducers themselves are powered from dc or ac sources, with a wide range of choices being available from as low as 24V ac/dc to 230V ac/dc.

The Sineax transducers are provided with two or four programmable energy meters which measure Ah, kVAh, kVArh, and kWh.

The Sineax transducers also measure parameters including line and phase voltages, line currents, phase power factors and reactive power factors, as well as system power factor.

In addition, two or four analogue outputs (4-20mA)and two or four digital outputs are provided which can be used also for alarm purposes. This is conditional on logical combinations of lower limit, break point and upper limit measurands.

Certain models also provide for the sending of e-mails when limit values are exceeded, being provided with TCP/IP, FTP, SMPT and HTTP features. The Sineax 'Multi-Transducer' range of instrumentation is provided with an RS232 interface, permitting output of data to PCs and extremely flexible programming.

Specific Sineax transducers are provided with interfaces including LonWorks, Modbus and Profibus. The transducers can be supplied for DIN-rail and wall mounting, or rack mounting.

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