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article image Chroma 66200 power analyser.

THE new Chroma series 66200 power analysers are suited to measuring a comprehensive suite of parameters including true rms voltage and current as well as their peak values; frequency; active, reactive and apparent power; power factor; total harmonic distortion of current and voltage; crest-factor for current; and energy.

Available from Power Parameters , the analysers are designed for use with domestic, IT and industrial devices and the 16-bit DSP input stage together with the maximum sampling speed of 240kHz makes them suitable for SMPS applications.

The use of an in-built LP filter permits the removal from measurement of high frequency noise current which generally does not contribute to power consumption.

Inrush current can be measured as triggered by setting a current level at which the measurement is to begin or through the use of an external TTL signal.

An energy averaging function utilising a user-defined integration period permits useful power measurements in instances of unstable power consumption by the device under test.

The Chroma series 66200 power analysers can be chosen to cover line currents to 20 amps and voltages to 500 volts.

They have a range of interface options including USB and GPIB ports making them suitable for incorporation in ATE systems.

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