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article image Hioki model 3554 battery tester.

THE Hioki model 3554 battery tester is suitable for assessing the condition of lead acid storage batteries including UPS batteries and those used in electric vehicles such as forklifts.

Individual cells and mult-cell batteries to 60 volts can be tested for voltage and internal ac impedance using the instrument's four-terminal method as well as cell temperature utilising resistance thermometry in the range of 10°C to 60°C.

A feature of the Hioki 3554 battery tester is the noise barrier design which permits accurate measurements to be made in high ripple and noise current environments typically encountered in UPS systems.

Available from Power Parameters , the Hioki 3554 has selectable averaging functions of 4, 8 or 16 consecutive readings allowing the acquisition of stabilised data. Internal impedance can be measured in the range of 0-3mΩ to 0-3Ω with a maximum resolution of 1mW.

A set of voltage and impedance comparators permits immediate visualisation of battery conditions. For example, a low cell voltage in combination with low internal impedance will bring up a 'warning' indication.

The test probes offered with the Hioki 3554 incorporate features permitting reliable contact with cell terminals including situations where equipment lay-out necessitates probing at a glancing angle.

A USB connector allows data transfer to PCs and Windows-compatible software enables the formatting of data in Excel, as well as remote initialising of the battery tester.

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