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article image Model 3535 LCR HiTESTER.

THE new Hioki Model 3535 LCR HiTESTER is suited for engineering and production environments because of its rapid measuring time of 6ms typically, comparators, and BIN classification output.

Available from Power Parameters , the instrument employs a CPU-controlled balanced bridge to measure complete suites of parameters.

Parameters include complex impedance (modulus Z and phase angle), complex admittance (modulus Y and phase angle), equivalent parallel and series resistance, conductance, reactance, susceptance, equivalent series and parallel inductance and capacitance, loss angle (tan delta) and quality factor, Q.

Measurements can be made at frequencies between 100kHz and 120MHz.

Operation of the Hioki 3535 LCR HiTESTER is simple, being effected through touch panel operation, permitting selection of parameters to be measured, constant voltage or constant current levels, and frequency.

Up to four parameters can be selected for simultaneous measurement and display with a zoom facility to permit distant viewing.

Removable head amplifier/fixture modules (with a choice of three output impedances) permit measurement of DUTs with minimum lead interference effect. Two SMD test fixtures for two object sizes are available.

The BIN classification system recognises up to 10 categories of two parameter measurements. Up to thirty individual measurement conditions can be stored in memory, and up to five parameter measurements can be logically ANDed using the comparator functions.

Up to 200 measurement values can be stored in internal memory, printed out on an optional printer or transferred to external computer via the standard RS 232 and IEEE 488 interfaces.

The interfaces also permit external control.

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