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article image MFT1500 multi-function tester.

THE new Megger MFT1500 multi-function tester, available from Power Parameters , performs RCD tests and loop impedance tests with an RCD non-trip current setting.

It also performs high current tests, prospective short circuit current, phase-to-neutral voltage measurement and continuity and insulation resistance measurement in single and three-phase circuits.

The MFT 1500 is ergonomically designed, providing on-board controls, an optional testing probe with remote test button suitable for single-handed operation, an LED torch for illuminating difficult to see measurement points, and green and red LEDs to indicate respectively, valid and invalid test results such as connecting across phases.

An interlocking, sliding shutter prevents hazardous lead combinations.

Colour coded labelling and right-angled lead terminations minimise measurement errors and provides stress-free connections. The Megger MFT 1500 is IP54 rated and can be safely used outside during wet weather. RCD testing is performed with test currents between 10mA and 1000mA.

Functional testing of both ac and dc-sensitive RCDs is provided as well as a ramp test to determine tripping current. Loop testing can be done under no-trip conditions, employing a testing current of 15mA and a resolution of 0.01Ω. Line-line and line-earth testing is performed with a 25A current.

Prospective short circuit current is measured in the range of 1A to 19.99kA. Insulation resistance is measured at 250V, 500V and 1000V to 499 MΩ. The Megger MFT 1500 is supplied with an operational manual on CD and an optional carrying and document holding case can be ordered.

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