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Programmable, three-phase ac power source/frequency converter

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article image The Behlman BL Plus converter.

THE new 120kVA-rated output Behlman BL Plus ac three-phase programmable power source and frequency converter is suitable for the supply of 0-132V or 0-264V line-to-neutral phase voltages and variable frequency between 45Hz and 500Hz as well as fixed frequencies of 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz.

Available from Power Parameters , the BL Plus has an 18-phase, 36-pulse converter stage feeding its dc-link from which the inverter is sourced. The input current therefore has minimal harmonic distortion. The inverter output stage has a typical THD of 3%.

Variable phase voltage has a fold-back feature in order to maintain rated current.

Using the PWM technique, the Behlman BL Plus provides a power source for the ATE environment and the testing of avionics, military, marine and power electronics.

Ancillary apparatus available includes the Behlman PAC 2000 programmable controller that allows the programming of volts, frequency, current limit and phase angle and the display of these parameters including power and power factor.

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