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article image The Hioki 3169 clamp on HiTESTER.

POWER Parameters is distributing the Hioki 3169 clamp-on HiTESTER power, harmonics, and waveform tester.

It is suitable for single and three-phase voltage, current, power factor, and for apparent, real, and reactive power. It is also suitable for harmonics and waveform measurement in power circuits. It can be used for domestic appliances, entertainment electronics, as well as industrial equipment including inverters, converters, welders, variable speed drives, and induction heaters.

The instrument is also a useful tool for switchboard and internal power reticulation analysis, including power factor correction. The harmonics analysis feature allows simultaneous observation in single and polyphase circuits. Software is available to further extend the analytical capability into areas including daily, weekly, or monthly reporting display of measured parameters as well as energy. Other data includes the time lapse of specific harmonics.

The Hioki 3169 can analyse three-phase and three and four-wire systems as well as up to four single-phase circuits. The instrument can also measure two three-phase, three-wire circuits simultaneously. The Hioki 3169 measures true rms and can measure rms values on time segments as short as 1 second as well as power. This means that the instrument is ideal for fine-tuning energy consuming devices. Optional current clamps enable users to measure phase currents to 5000A and power to 9MW at a phase to neutral voltage of 600V in three phase, four wire circuits.

The vector display which is standard for the Hioki 3169 is useful in assuring correct polarity of clamp-on detectors, CTs and VTs, and detecting open voltage measuring circuit connections. The instrument display will also show harmonics in bar graph mode, showing direction. In addition voltage and current wave shapes can be displayed on the instrument's LCD. An optional version of the Hioki 3169 has D/A outputs permitting the connection of recorders and data loggers.

The Hioki 3169 has an internal memory of 1 Mbyte. It supports a range of plug-in flash ATA cards to a size of 528 Mbyte. An RS232 port permits connection to an external PC, permitting a wide range of reports to be stored and printed. The Hioki 3169 can be externally triggered, and can provide triggering signals for recorders. The instrument has a small footprint (B5) and can be operated with an optional printer.

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