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Power Parameters supply Tinius Olsen’s benchtop materials testing machines

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article image Tinius Olsen’s benchtop mounted Universal Testing Machine

Tinius Olsen, represented in Australia by Power Parameters , offer a number of benchtop mounted Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), ranging in capacity from 1 kiloNewton to 50 kiloNewtons.

The 1 and 5 kiloNewton machines are single column, while the 10, 25 and 50 kiloNewton machines are dual column.

The machines are available in two versions, S series, which incorporates an LCD control panel, allowing the machine to be operated manually or semi automatically (through pre entered test routines), and the T series, which operates directly to a PC running a control software package. The S series may also be controlled through a PC if desired.

A wide variety of grips are available to suit different test samples and custom grips can also be supplied. The machines can be used for both tensile and compression testing.

All benchtop machines from Power Parameters are proof rated to 200% of their designated capacity and exhibit a force accuracy of 0.5% of applied load across the load cell display range. The load cells have an overload capacity of 150%.

An automatic motor drive alarm circuit monitors over and under voltage and temperature to prevent damage to the motor assembly.

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