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Power Parameters launches new safer contactless power loggers

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article image Hioki PW3365-20 power logger

Power Parameters introduces the Hioki PW3365-20 power loggers featuring PW9020 contactless voltage probes to suit all LV 415/240 volt circuits.

Together with a large range of clamp-on current detectors ranging up to 1000 amps, and a Rogowski flexible clamp-on sensor with a range of 5000 amps, the power loggers can analyse multiple circuits including three-phase, 3-wire; three-phase, 4-wire; single-phase 2- and -3 wire; and split-phase as well as open star (wye) circuits.

The Hioki PW3365-20 contactless power loggers can be used to take measurements of active power (consumption and regeneration), reactive power, apparent power, power factor, integrated demand and energy usage.

Key features of the new power measuring instrument from Hioki EE Corporation include clamp-on current probes, and insulated clamp-on voltage probes that not only offer significantly enhanced safety for operators but are also suitable for insulated as well as bare conductors with diameters from 6 to 30 mm.

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