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article image Hioki 3197 power quality analyser.

THE Hioki model 3197 power quality analyser is a compact, portable, three-phase analyser, available from Power Parameters .

It measures and records parameters including inrush current, voltage swells, voltage dips, transients, power and power factor, active and reactive energy, apparent power, load changes as well as standard measurands of phase current, and line and phase voltages for three-phase, three-wire and four-wire circuits.

Auto-compressed data acquisition sets the sampling parameters to match the basic variability in data thus adjusting acquisition without the need for operator intervention.

In addition the operator can set data sampling intervals between 1 and 60 minutes.

The instrument's display allows visualisation of wave shapes, trends and phasor quantities thus permitting an immediate check of circuit connections.

The analyser's internal memory has a capacity of 4MB permitting 125 days of recording.

The Hioki 3197 power quality analyser package includes a rechargeable battery pack, ac adaptor, USB cable, and two versions of application software.

A series of clamp-on sensors is available for the measurement of current ranging from 10 amps to 5000 amps.

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