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HIOKI, represented by Power Parameters , has developed a new, fully portable instrument for measuring power line quality, the 3196 power quality analyser, which can monitor and record power supply abnormalities that can cause power supply problems and analyse the captured data.

By simply connecting the 3196 to the power line to be monitored, the exact timing and type of power supply abnormality that has occurred can be recorded, and a list of the events displayed.

A feature of the 3196 is its gapless recording capability (the ability to measure and record events continuously without loss of measurement data).

This feature is necessary for analysing the quality levels of factors such as high frequency voltage, rms voltage, power, 3-phase systems, and harmonics as well as the power supply's K factor and flicker.

The ability to instantly display details about items such as monitored waveforms simply by selecting them from an event list makes analysis easier.

Measurements can be taken from single-phase 2 wire, single-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 3-wire, or 3-phase 4-wire lines. Additional input channels are provided for voltage and current (one each), and support is provided for separate system measurement, dc voltage and neutral wire measurement.

Up to one month of continuous measurement data can be recorded in internal memory. Further, data can be saved to a PC card (an ATA flash card of up to 528MB) as well as to internal memory.

The 3196 also comes equipped with and HTTP server function, eliminating the need for special purpose interface applications and allowing the use of any general web browser for full remote monitoring and control.

Its main applications include power delivery, power system facilities, large electrical facilities, and maintenance and inspection at factories.

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