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New range of insulation testers

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article image Insulation testers from Megger.

THE new Megger MIT insulation testers, available from Power Parameters , incorporate a wide range of features including weather-proof cases, thick rubber bumper strips, colour-coded range and parameter selectors, analogue/digital large numeral value readout, and 50 segment arc and pointer LCD (Models MIT 300, MIT 310 and MIT 320).

The MIT 310A has a rugged d'arsonval meter movement with three easily read, clearly engraved meter scales. Important safety features have been incorporated including a safety interlock shutter which prevents unsafe connection of test leads.

All MIT 3XX series insulation testers have a default volt meter (600V ac/dc) indicating live circuits; the MIT310 having live circuit warning operative above 25V.

The safety lockout feature of the MIT 3XX range prevents continuity testing on live circuits. With the exception of the MIT 300, which has insulation testing ranges of 250V and 500V, the instruments also have a 1000V range making them suitable for three-phase installations.

The insulation resistance test range is 999MΩ. The MIT 3XX series has continuity measurement functions and two models (MIT 310A and MIT 320) have resistance ranges.

MIT 3XX series insulation testers can be comfortably hung from the neck leaving the hands free. The MIT 320 is equipped with a probe operated insulation test button.

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