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New multi-function calibrators

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article image High accuracy signal generator.

THE new MEAtest M140 and M141 calibrators from Power Parameters are suited to the laboratory as well as industrial environment.

Both calibrators are usable for the measurement of electrical and temperature parameters, and can provide high accuracy voltage and current signals to a frequency of 10kHz and 1kHz respectively.

The M140 is equipped with an independently-usable multimeter and is suitable for the calibration of frequency meters, providing signals to 20MHz. Both instruments provide dc voltage and current calibration signals.

The M141 has sinusoidal ac output and is also capable of providing adjustable crest factor ac and variable-period pulse outputs to enable the calibration of true-rms multimeters, etc, and oscilloscopes.

The MEAtest calibrators can be used to calibrate thermocouples from -250°C to +1850°C, RTDs, voltages to 1000V (700V for M141), current to 20A (2A for M141) with an option for calibration of up to 1000A (100A for M140) clamp-on testers via a current coil with 25/50 turns, capacitance from full-range 900pF to 50μF (M140 only), and resistance to 50MΩ (100MΩ for the M141).

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