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Modular temperature control system

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article image VR660 – universal controller.

CAMILLE Bauer's new temperature control system has been designed to allow for adaptation to a great variety of individual requirements.

Its modular design permits a large number of configurations from single-channel top-hat rail mounted controllers up to 32 control loops with visualisation module and connection to a PC.

Available from Power Parameters , the VR660 is a universal single-channel temperature controller for top-hat rail mounting. Up to 32 mutually independent controllers can be used. The controllers communicate via a common serial bus interface to a separate display.

However, the VR660 functions as a stand-alone as well without display, in which case it can be configured directly via the bus interface.

The A200R display module can be used to visualize measured values and configure parameters, as well as for setting up a bus system. Each interconnected device can be accessed via the A200R.

The A200R and each individual VR660 can be directly accessed from a PC with the help of TempCo 600 software. Parameters can be read from and stored to the devices. Complete configurations can also be read out or saved. The software is used for visualisation and initial start-up of the devices, as well as for servicing.

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