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LCR meters with plug in I/O ports

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POWER Parameters has recently released the Hioki IM35XX impedance and component LCR meters.

The LCR meters are suitable for production, ATE, laboratory, engineering development and pilot plant production.

A range of test fixtures is available including a 5 MHz unit with flying leads, and SMD fixtures for direct connection for devices with side and bottom connection.

The fixtures are designed to cater for a range of JIS/EIA SMD codes from JIS 0603/EAI 0201 to JIS 5750/ EAI2220.

The LCR meters measure parallel and series parameters: Z, X, Rs, Cs, Ls;--Y, B, Rp, Cp, Lp as well as loss angle D (tan ) and quality factor Q, (X/R).

According to the company, the measurement time is very short, achieving maximum speeds of 1.5ms per sampling (1 kHz) and 0.5ms (100kHz) in LCR mode.

The LCR meters have BIN function for classifying two measurement items on one screen into 10 categories

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