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Injection, CT/VT and loss angle test systems

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article image Omicron’s CPC-100 test system.

THE Omicron CPC-100 test system and the CP TD1 loss angle tester, available from Power Parameters , form a comprehensive testing facility for primary and secondary injection testing, CT and VT testing and coil and ground resistance measurement.

The CP TD1, when interfaced with the CPC-100, allows for the measurement of parameters including tan delta, power factor and equivalent circuit values for transformer bushings and insulators. The CPC-100 comprises of an embedded PC permitting the setting up of automated test protocols and report generation.

The CPC-100, in addition to primary injection testing, provides comprehensive testing of CTs and VTs including ratio and polarity, phase and magnitude errors, burden measurement, dielectric withstand, circuit continuity and saturation knee determination in CT excitation tests.

The Omicron CP TD1 loss angle tester, via the CPC-100, allows the measurement of loss angle (phi), tan delta, cos phi, and equivalent circuit parameters including capacitance, inductance, resistance and Q factor. Tests can be conducted at variable voltage to 12kV and at frequencies from 15Hz to 400Hz.

The CPC-100 has an ancillary device option connected to it by means of a long controlling cable. This electronically-controlled, low weight (16kg) current booster CP CB2, makes it is possible to provide high injection current, to 2000A, directly at busbar connections using short, high current leads, facilitating one-person test procedures.

The CPC-100 is also provided with a saw-tooth low-power signal injection feature which enables polarity checking on busbars and cables, utilising the hand-held ancillary CPOL polarity tester. This obviates the cumbersome 'flicked battery test' which apart from the inconvenience of requiring two persons, also tends to drive connected transformers into saturation. The sawtooth test leaves cores in zero-flux state.

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