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Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analysers from Power Parameters

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Hioki power quality analysers available from Power Parameters are designed for the evaluation of solar PV installations and analysis of DC components on AC lines.  

The new Hioki PW3198 power quality analysers are Cat IV (600 volt) instruments capable of harmonic and inter harmonic measurements to the 50th and 49.5th orders (including power harmonics) respectively for both voltage and current measurement, voltage and current unbalance measurement, as well as K-factor measurement useful in assessing transformer loading.  

The new Hioki power quality analysers are also used for measuring inrush current and transient over-voltage impulses (to 6 kV), voltage swell and dip as well as flicker measurement.  

Designed to comply with the latest international requirements, the Hioki PW3198 power quality analysers meet the new IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 2, Class A standard, making the instrument suitable for power line analysis acceptable to distribution authorities.  

Key features of Hioki PW3198 power quality analysers:  

  • Four-channel instrument is suitable for 3-phase 3-wire and 4-wire reticulation as well as single and two-phase systems
  • Capacity to measure DC allows its use in the evaluation of solar PV installations
  • Analyses DC components on AC lines such as the output of transformerless solar inverters
  • Suitable for line voltages up to 600 volts under class IV conditions, and currents to 5000 amps
  • Also measures apparent power and VAh, and reactive power and Vah
  • Measures total power factor and displacement power factor
  • Provides numerical displays, voltage and current waveforms and phasor displays indicating unbalance, negative sequence and zero sequence components
  • Trend displays of selected parameters including frequency variation, voltage stability, flicker and harmonic trends

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