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High speed sampling on eight channels

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article image Hioki 8855 HiCorder.

HIOKI, represented by Power Parameters , has completed the development of the 8855 memory HiCorder, a digital isolated oscilloscope that performs high-speed sampling at 20MS/s on up to 8 channels simultaneously. It can also be equipped with a memory of up to 512 megawords (1GB).

In addition to isolated input for each measurement channel, the 8855 memory HiCorder is also equipped with the advanced Hioki photo coupler that allows for high-speed sampling at 20MS/s.

The 8855 is designed with a variety of features for waveform observation and analysis functions. It features clamp-in input units at the measurement input terminals. Along with analog units that support high as well as micro voltages, input units are also available for current, temperature, ac rms value rectification and rotation pulse.

It can also store data on a 1.3GB MO, on a hard disk, or through a PC card. In addition to its expandable memory and ability to instantly print observations using the internal A4-size printer, the 8855 is designed so that new functions can be added using function upgrade software.

A wide range of input units for measurement and various other options are also available.

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