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Full-function signal generator

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article image The FG-281 – high accuracy.

THE Kenwood FG-281 function generator provides sine, triangular, square, pulse, and ramp waves in the frequency range of 0.01Hz to 13MHz with voltage levels between -10 and +10 volts (open circuit).

High accuracy is provided by the direct digital synthesiser technology which provides precision to 50ppm.

Available from Power Parameters , the Kenwood FG-281 is provided with linear and logarithmic sweep functions as well as a burst mode which allows the presetting of wave numbers to 65336 for any of the wave shape functions.

Duty cycle controls allow for variation from 0.1% to 100% for pulse and ramp waves. A pulse motor control function is available as a factory-fitted option. Full remote control is provided via GP-IB and RS232 interfaces.

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