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article image Hioki 84xx -- universal connectivity.

THE new Hioki 8420 (8 analogue channels), 8421 (16 analogue channels) and 8422 (32 analogue channels) memory HiLOGGER data loggers have universal connectivity providing for control and data transfer to PCs, and HTTP server function supporting both control and FTP data transfer protocol.

Available from Power Parameters , the instruments can send automatic e-mails on device-critical events including triggering, alarm, recovery from power failure, or full memory.

The Hioki data loggers are suited to HVAC monitoring, power and gas supply analyses as well as tasks including building maintenance, production process monitoring, etc.

The Hioki 84XX family is suitable for the measurement of voltages, temperature, humidity and energy (via separate input, totalising pulse-counting channels).

An optional 16 channel, digital I/O module is available that docks with the HiLOGGERs. The analogue channels are fully isolated, thus permitting the monitoring of transducers at different potentials with respect to earth up to 30 volt (rms) or 60 volt dc.

The Hioki 84XX HiLOGGERs have 8 Mbyte of internal memory providing for data storage of up to 4.2 million data points, with minimum of 100 milliseconds to a maximum of an hour between consecutive data points.

External memory via ATA flash cards with up to 528 Mbyte of storage is available. For data transfer to PCs via Ethernet, an optional logger communicator (model 9334) is available which permits data storage on hard disk in real time.

A large range of triggering scenarios are provided; trigger sources include all analogue channels, logic channels and totalising channels. In addition trigger levels can be combined into logical AND or OR conditions.

Trigger types can be chosen when rising or falling past a preset value, within window or exceeding upper or lower limits. Trigger conditions can indicate start or stop acquisition process, or external triggering can be chosen by the operator.

Options available for the Hioki 84XX Memory HiLOGGER instruments include an external docking thermal printer, a battery pack and external charger unit.

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