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article image The Metra HIT DMM.

THE new universal Metra HIT series digital multimeters (some with both digital as well as analogue display) cover virtually all important electrical parameters including not only voltage, current and resistance but also capacitance, frequency, temperature and insulation resistance.

Available from Power Parameters , the Metra HIT DMMs can function as data loggers having an internal memory of 128 kB (depending on model selected) and being equipped with an IR data I/O port outputting to a PC. A Metrawin 10 software package is also available.

Most of the nine models in the Metra HIT series are category IV-rated under IEC 61010-1 2nd edition. Therefore, the instruments can be used on primary supply sources by virtue of the adequate protection against prospective fault currents through the incorporation of HRC fuse protection with an interruption capacity of 30kA.

Category IV protection also provides security against voltage spikes, the Metra HIT 1000 volt instruments withstanding 12kV pulses. To further enhance user and instrument safety, the Metra HIT multimeters are provided with a unique feature called ABS.

This patented security measure (Automatic Blocking System) reduces risks if instruments are incorrectly connected to live circuits. With leads already plugged in, certain measurement selections are precluded. Similarly, selection of a measurement mode prevents the incorrect plugging in of the leads.

Many of the Metra HIT instruments have true rms measurement modes for both current and voltage with the capacity to provide high accuracy under severe distortion situations because of bandwidths as high as 100kHz.

Metra HIT instruments are available to measure ac + dc signals as well as ac. Current ranges can be extended beyond the maximum in-built shunt value by current clamps up to 3000 amps.

The Metra HIT DMMs measure temperature utilising Pt resistance thermometers in the range of -200 to + 850 degrees Centigrade. Metra HIT instrument are available for use with Type J and K thermocouples, extending the temperature range to +1372 degrees Centigrade.

Most Metra HIT instruments provide capacitance measurement in the range of 3nF to 10,000mF, and frequency from 300Hz to 100kHz.

An in-built frequency and pulse generator is also available on a number of models.

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