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Button sized temperature logger

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THE new button-sized model 3650 temperature recorder from Hioki, represented by Power Parameters , represents a dimension in the field of data loggers.

Measuring only 17.4mm in diameter and 5.9mm thick, this totally self-contained, self-powered little device can be housed almost anywhere to measure temperatures from –40 degrees C to +85 degrees C for periods as long as a year.

The applications for the Hioki 3650 temperature recorder are virtually limitless.

The Hioki 3650 survives in temperatures as low as –49 degrees C and all the way up to +85 degrees C.

Its integral battery lasts for over half a million measurements—some four years when recording temperatures at five-minute intervals.

The housing is IP67 rated, so the Hioki 3650 will happily put up with wet conditions.

The temperature logger can be packed as part of a consignment, for example a valuable painting, for later retrieval and data dumping.

Alternatively, it can be mounted in a bacteria-resistant holder in a container or truck, etc.

Also from Nilsen is the the Hioki 9322 differential probe for measuring differential signals in common-mode voltages as high as 1,500Vac (in conjunction with Hioki waveform recorders).

Furthermore, the Hioki 9322 probe has three extremely useful modes of operation.

These are floating measurement of high voltage waveforms (to 2,000Vdc or 1,000Vac (Cat III) or 600Vac/dc (Cat II), measurement of power supply noise (by band pass filter—1kHz to 10MHz) and true rms measurement.

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