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article image Signode LBX-2330 strapping machine.

POWER Packaging was recently asked to assist a major engineering and logistics company with a challenge they were experiencing with a fully automatic strapping application at one of Australia's largest clothing manufacturers and distributors.

Problems were being experienced with poor reliability and excessive downtime due to difficulties in reloading and re-feeding of the strap to the company's existing fully-automatic strapping machine.

Power Packaging had recently released the new LBX range of strapping machines, manufactured by Signode USA, to Australia. In consultation with Gerrard Signode (Australia), it was suggested that the new Signode LBX-2330 strapping machine would be the ideal candidate for this application.

The application required products being presented into the strapping machine from a powered in-feed conveyor to apply two straps at either end of various sized packages at a speed of not less than 30 straps per minute.

There also needed to be a provision for some cartons not to be strapped, so a by-pass mode requiring some changes to the programming on the machine was performed by Gerrard Signode's electrical engineering and servicing department.

The Signode LBX-2330 is one of the fastest strapping machines on the market today, with a strapping speed of up to 70 straps per minute.

The next problem the customer faced was difficulty in re-feeding the strap if the strap had jammed in the process of applying the strap around the product.

The Signode LBX-2330 strapping machine was supplied with an optional ‘Automatic cut-off and re-feed option’ where the machine automatically ejects missfed strap, re-threads itself and continues without operator intervention.

Another problem being experienced by the customer was reloading of new strap coils on to the machine. With its advanced ‘Out of strap feature’ this ejects the strap at the end of the coil to eliminate downtime associated with removing the excess strap left in the machine.

The strap can also be fed from either direction off the coil, eliminating down-time and material waste resulting from incorrect coil loading.

Other features that made the machine an ideal candidate were its easy maintenance - the machine has 40% fewer parts than its previous model, no drive belts or clutches, the hot knife can be removed and cleaned without the use of any tools, ‘fully accessible strap path’ simply raises the table top and lift guide for access to strap path and conveyors can be easily removed for maintenance without tools.

Used in conjunction with Signode's superior Contrax grade machine strap, the machine will run faultlessly at its maximum capacity.

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