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Tiger 352 SX vertical sawing machine available from Power Machinery

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article image Tiger 352 SX vertical sawing machine

The Tiger 352 SX is a new automated saw that hosts a number of MEP’s latest developments in their range of vertical sawing machines.

This semi-automatic vertical sawing machine incorporates four of what could be considered new improvements to this particular method of cutting.

Cutting from 60° left to 45° right, the unit has a vertically sliding head system operating on recirculating ball screws, while its new coaxial cylinder has a bypass valve for fast approach and a linear transducer readying the head position.

Situated on a steel base, the rotating table castings can rotate on a centre pin with axial bearing to allow higher precision on the cutting angle set and ensure better chip evacuation from the working area.

Another new aspect of the technology is a transversal positioning and clamping system which having been tested in bigger sawing machines was found to be a good advancement in positioning and clamping.

These four advancements complement a central control panel that programmes the semi-automatic cutting cycle according to the dimensions of the material being cut and checks the machine functions shown on the LED display.

More information on the product is available from Power Machinery .

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