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Press brake provides optimum performance

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THE Optiflex press brake from Swedish company Ursviken is designed to combine performance and precision and to give the user a mechanically advanced CNC press brake solution. It is only available from Power Machinery .

By using a combination of large tool space and long travel, the Optiflex press brake is a very versatile and flexible piece of equipment.

By using intelligent design principles, the press brake has been future-proofed providing users with a machine that not only fulfills their current requirements - it has capabilities to take on a high amount of additional work.

Another design feature of the Optiflex press brake is the intelligent inherent safety principle that allows the press brake operator to work both ergonomically as well as effectively.

Mounted on linear bearings, the light guard solution can be easily positioned to give access for tool changes and allows accessibility for interaction with a large selection of functioning operating modes with the minimum amount of limitation possible.

The light guard sets up automatically when users change the protection gate's position and the adjustable guards provide side protection and can accommodate the optional programmable light guards.

While the press brake is designed to be safe, it is also designed to function as part of an integrated production system, where profitability and productivity are not just measured by quality, but also measured by time, another critical manufacturing variable.

Other features and benefits of the Optiflex press brake include:

* CNC Crowning control: the crowning system has mechanical contact along the entire press table, therefore providing the highest precision possible. The control system also calculates the crowning requirements and automatically accounts for bending force, plate length and bending angle.

* Angle control: a patented design for exact angles regardless of the plate thickness or material quality is available as an option with the Optiflex press brake. It comes with both fixed and adjustable support tools.

* Plate support/lift swing: the automatically programmable table provides increased precision with exact plate positioning. The swing supports the plate during bending.

* Long stroke length: The machine's long stroke length and large tool space make it easy to select the most effective production method..

* Extended bed length: by positioning the frame as near to the ends as possible, the full depth forming capabilities of the machine have been maximised.

* Back gauge: the back gauge is constructed for maximum accessibility and precision.

* Tool clamping choices: users can choose between a number of alternatives - either manual or hydraulic clamping.

* Programmable die tool: the MP-VDT is a stepless die tool with exchangeable die jaws. A large working range allows the bending of several plate thicknesses and radii without the need to change tools, thereby minimising change over times.

* Ergonomic control system: all functions have been designed on the ergo panel to always remain close to the operator. Users can adjust and operate the control system and the worktable from either the left or right side. There is also a screen that shows programming in either 2D or 3D formats.

Power Machinery provides full training for the Optiflex press brake as well as on-site and telephone support whenever this is required.

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