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Power Machinery to showcase at NMW 2007

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The presence of Power Machinery Australia at NMW 2007 will provide the Australian industry a good opportunity to witness a technology in water cutting in action.

Along with other technologies, Power Machinery will be demonstrating its Water Jet Sweden (WJS) machines, showing how they successfully cut glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic, foam and other non-metal materials as well as the traditional mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Power Machinery is one of Australia’s major inventories of new and used metal processing machinery and auxiliaries from hand-held tools to capital elements of major steel processing facilities will also have other groups of automation.

This includes various MEP electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machines. Each of the MEP electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machines have a microprocessor, which can operate in automatic, semiautomatic, semiautomatic/dynamic or manual mode.

Power Machinery has CNC machinery with multi microprocessor control to manage both the length of the part to be cut as well as the cutting bow itself. It is possible to obtain on the same bar as many as 32 different lots - each of different lengths and quantities. The CNC machinery has numerical display.

Of particularly interest to the large field of visitors that use press brakes is the eco-friendly synchronised hydraulic press brakes from European manufacturer Adira.

The QIHD eco-plus range includes the Indico, Atlantico and Pacifico each of which combine versatility, productivity, extreme accuracy and quality and safety features along with high energy efficiency operation.

Power Machinery also maintains comprehensive inventories of metal processing consumables and auxiliaries such as saw blades, punch and die sets, specialised lubricants, safety guarding equipment, CNC Controls, custom-made tooling and materials handling sub-systems.

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