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New Cobra series sawing machines from Power Machinery

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Cobra 350AX and 350CNC FE, automatic circular saws cut aluminium and light alloy sections and solids using a carbide-tipped blade.

Available through Power Machinery, the technology is operational in both automatic and semiautomatic modes.

The 350AX and 350CNC FE can cut from 45° right to 45°left, while the head can be also be tilted to make compound mitres.

Main differences between the machines are their respective feeding systems. The 350AX feeds the cutting material by way of screw/nut with recirculating balls and a stepper motor, while the 350CNC FE uses a pneumatic feeder.

Common to both machines is an electrical cabinet with its clearly identifiable wiring. Regulation of the head stroke is according to the dimensions of the cutting material programmed from the control panel with its low tension.

A polyester membrane keypad has tactile thermo-shaped touch-tone buttons. Overall, the control and programming panel is totally protected from electro-mechanic phenomena along the line.

Also common to both units is an adaptive shearing stress control achieved by a servo-valve mounted directly on the head cylinder.

This system automatically regulates the feed rate according to load on the motor. Also standard is automatic blade lubrication, dual vice clamping system that can be freely positioned along the longitudinal axis of the material, and movable and vertically adjustable aluminium jaws.

Both machines, of course, possess a rotating table mounted on 425mm roller bearing for smooth and precise rotation, fixed mechanical stops at 0° and 45° left/right to position the head quickly, chip conveyor with the capacity to accommodate a mounted chip collector, and a flashing indicator light in case the machine stops.

Feeders on both machines have a carriage that allows sideways movement to accommodate deformed bars, while their respective covers are connected to an emergency system.

Each sawing machine is compatible with moving equipment, and is supplied with the relevant service keys, instruction manual and spare parts list.

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