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article image Three-roll drive minimises the risk of slipping.

POWER Machinery is distributing all 10 standard models in the range of Roundo section bending machines. Capacities available are amongst the largest in the world for this type of equipment: from 40 x 40 millimetre angle or 40 x 8 millimetre flat bar.

Each model in the range is able to pre-bend material at both ends, using three driven rolls and SKF roller bearings in all journals.

Most models are standard with infinitely variable rolling and adjustment speed (each of which is electronically controlled from the portable control panel). An optional six directional hydraulic guide rolls assure the operator of consistent results every time.

All Roundo section bending machines have three-roll drive to minimise the risk of slipping, hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control except for the smallest machines, hydraulic adjustment of the lower roll, and standard rolls for flat bars, angle bars, T-bars and square bars.

Models R-1 to R-6 are basic section bending machines for all types of section bending; guide rolls, manually adjusted, fixed to the swing arms; capacity - section modulus 4 - 96cm³ depending on size; and diameter of rolls form 175 - 440mm (depending on size).

Models: R-2-S to R-72-S are section bending machines with enhanced versatility due to unique design of guide rolls. Sizes from R-5-S are prepared for equipment for bending I, U and H-beams the hard way.

Capacity is: section modulus 10 - 320cm³ depending on size, and diameter of rolls is from 220 - 550mm depending on size.

Models R-8-S to R-15-S are heavy duty machines designed for all types of section bending. These machines are optimised for bending of I, U and H beams and have separate hydraulic motors for all three rolls.

Capacity is: section modulus 600 - 7000cm³ depending on size; diameter of rolls 660 - 800mm (depending on size); and the R-15-S is considered the biggest section bending machine in the world with a capacity to bend up to HE 800 the hard way.

Four-Roll section bending machines type 4-R-2-S to 4-R-6-S have the sections pinched between top and lower roll, which are also the driven rolls. This is the perfect machine for body shell components and similar three dimensional bending. Hydraulic guide rolls offers total flexibility.

Capacity is: section modulus 10 - 110cm³ depending on size; and diameter of rolls is between 188 - 400mm (depending on size).

A wide range of options and accessories are available. For example:

* Horizontal, vertical or combined design.

* Hydraulic pulling roll unit for bending I, U and H beams the hard way.

* Pushing roll unit placed underneath the upper roll.

* Equipment for spiralling of pipes and flat bars.

* Digital readouts showing positions on lower rolls and guide rolls.

* Bending rolls for pipe, square and rectangular tubing and other special sections.

* Positioning control, PLC-control and CNC-control.

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